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Opera Srl - Art. 25620


25620 - fail unlocked

Art. 25620 Fail safe

Art. 25628 Fail safe with 8mm spindle

Art. 25629 Fail safe with 9mm spindle

Fail unlocked


Art. 25820 Fail secure

Art. 25828 Fail secure with 8mm spindle

Art. 25829 Fail secure with 9mm spindle

Fail locked

Euro-profile key override. Available with backset 30 mm

Revolving bolt in anticutting hardened steel with mechanical block on closed position

Anti-rebound system fitted on the striking plate of the solenoid bolt

Bolt dimensions : extension 23 mm. diameter 22 mm. - see drawing

Operating voltage : 12/24 Vdc

Absorbed current : 2.5 A of peak / 130 mA for maintenance with electronic control

Internal microprocessor control electronics

Connection by quick connector

N.O. contact for Opening Bolt position free voltage contact C. / N.O. / N.C.

Door position contact N.O. for the Open/Closed monitoring function or for use of outside door alignment sensor

Opto-electronic bolt position control

Internal magnetic sensor for door position

Push buttons for monitoring and adjustment of reclosing times from 0-5 sec. to approach of door and from 0-60 sec. if the door is not opened.

Timings can be turned off for use of solenoid bolt with outside management electronics


Power supply

Desktop consoles


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