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Desktop console for interlocking system




Opera Srl - Art. 54611
54611A - Desktop console for 1 door
Opera Srl - Art. 54612
54612A - Desktop console for 2 doors
Opera Srl - Art. 54613
54613A - Desktop console for 3 doors
Opera Srl - Art. 54614
54614A - Desktop console for 4 doors


Universal console


Console box in black aluminium with silk-screened polycarbonate

Dimensions : 195 x 160 x 50 mm
Operating voltage: 12-24 Vac/dc
Quick connections by screw connector
Input contact N.O. for opening control
Input contact N.O. for Reset
Input contact N.O. for Block
Input contact N.O./+12 Vdc for starting alarm
Input contact N.O./N.C for metal detector
Input contact N.O./N.C for presence detection in an interlocking system with automatic function
Key selector for On / OFF system ( by external relay REL 12V )

Key selector for Manual, Automatic, Emergency
Automatic function selectable in 3 positions:
mono-direction, bi-direction, first door open

Optical signals for:
LEDs  Red/Green for door status open/closed
LEDs  Red/Green for bolt status open/closed
LEDs  Alarm and Reset on, Block, Power on, Low Battery, Door
Inside buzzer for signalling Alarm on
Input N.O./+12Vdc for alarm on

Universal console for solenoid bolts Prima and Classica series

Power supply and batteries

User's manual (Pdf Kb 1.463)


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