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The MAXIMA motor lock works with its electronic board only

Item 54250

Item 54255

For 1 door For 2 doors in interlocking
54250 54255
Dimensions: 240 x 150 x 48 mm Dimensions 300 x 225 x 130 mm

Electronic board for one door 

Electronic board for two doors in interlocking

Case in ABS, dimensions mm. 240 x 150 x 48

Power supply: 12-14 Vac / 65 V.A, 12 Vdc / 3 A
Power consumption: 100 mA in stand-by / 4 A peak

Facility for connection to operate an interlocking system between 2 o more doors

Input with N.O. contact for :


Lock position contact

Emergency contact

Block or Metal detector

Magnetic reed door position contact

Relay output C. / N.O. / N.C. for the connection with red/green traffic light

Facility for connection to sensitive handle and to other automatic opening systems

Open collector contact for Alarm System fault

Automatic closing in 0,5 sec. with approach of door and 8 sec. if the door is not opened 

Electronic protection if a command is not perfectly executed