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Electronic locking systems / Fire hold open magnets / Solenoid bolt  

Frequently asked questions



In this section you can find the f.a.q.s about services provided by Opera.
Should you need further information or clarification contact us.

Where to buy

Is it possible to download or to see the price list ?
Can I buy the Opera products Online ?
Can I Pay Online ?
Where can I buy the Opera products ?
Where are the sales conditions ?


Site services

Can I use content from the Opera site on my own site ?
Can I insert a link to the Opera site on my own site ?
Is it possible to set up a link exchange ?


RoHs & CE Marking

Are the Opera products conform to the RoHs directives ?
What is the CE marking ?
Are the Opera hold-open device conform to the BS EN1155 ?
What is the Declaration of performance ?
Is the Opera 240V hold open device conform to the CE standard ?


What is your policy regarding the personal data of visitors to your site ?