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Multi-door intercom receiver


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Opera Srl - Art. 05514


Art. 05514 - Multi-door intercom receiver







Multi-door intercom receiver

Item 05514

Multi-door intercom receiver

White ABS body
Connection to multi-door control unit Item 05512 via 8 pole plug connectors

Power: 12 V dc from the intercom control unit

Visual call signalling by means of green LEDs
Internal call 12 V dc buzzer

Button for the selecting external intercom positions function and for the selecting mute indicated by red LED to deactivate the buzzer





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Opera Srl - Art. 05513


Art. 05513 - Intercom receiver





Intercom receiver

Item 05513

White ABS body

Intercom connection with standard 5 wire system

Power: 12 V dc from intercom porter

Internal call buzzer with 12 V dc

Direct connection to the call position N.A. button for the opening contact function for an electric lock











Opera Srl - Art. 05512


Art. 05512 - Electronic control unit for managing multiple intercom connections

Electronic control unit for managing multiple intercom connections

Item 05512

White ABS casing

Dimensions: mm 111 x 72 x 29

Can be connected to terminal block with screw to 4 external intercom porters (items 55012, 55013, 55014, 55016 )

Can be connected to 3 multi-door internal intercom receivers with 8 pole plug (item 05514 )

Power: 12 V dc

Use: the control unit enables management of 4 external intercom positions and 3 internal intercom receivers.
The call coming from an external intercom position is indicated on the multi-door receiver by means of an acoustic signal and a visual LED.
The first intercom that is picked up communicates with the external call position, excluding the other 2 receivers.
Other calls during the conversation are indicated on 3 receivers and put on hold according to the order of arrival.




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