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The control unit is able to monitor transits through the emergency exits.
Authorised personnel can open the door without triggering the alarm by activating a no-voltage contact using a badge, keypad, keyswitch, etc..

If the door is closed again within a set time, no alarm is activated. If the door remains open longer than its “extended opening” time, the specific alarm is activated. This alarm deactivates automatically when the door is closed again or the reset button is pressed.

But if the door is opened without authorisation, the “Opening” alarm is activated immediately and remains active for the set alarm duration, after which an automatic auto-reset deactivates the alarm for 5 sec. If the door has been closed again, the system now returns to stand-by.

If the door is still open, the alarm status is reactivated.

The reset can also be performed by a remote button.

Technical characteristics :
Electronic card for management and control of Emergency Exit opening in event of alarm.
Grey ABS wall-mounted enclosure
Dimensions : 240 x 150 x 48 mm
Card power supply : 12 Vac/dc
Incorporated buffer battery charger circuit
Alarm signalling by intermittent lamp and buzzer

USE : Alarm system for emergency exits

The following times are adjustable :

  • Alarm duration prior to auto-reset (adjustable from 5 to 60 sec.). Alarm shutoff after reset has a fixed time of 5 seconds

  • Extended door opening alarm from 0 to 120 sec.

Inputs with N.O. contact for :

  1. Immediate authorised opening (without alarm)
  2. Door sensor
  3. Reset

Outputs with N.O. relay contact for :

- Non-authorised opening alarm
- Extended door opening alarm
- System activation









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