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This circuit allows direct recording of up to 3 voice messages, which can be activated by an equivalent number of dry contacts

You can record your own courtesy message



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Opera Srl - Art. 05261


05261 - Voice synthesis

05261- Speech synthesis circuit

Circuit dimensions: mm 110 x 73

Input power supply: 12/24 Vac/dc

The messages can be activated using clean contacts from any type of lock

Microphone fitted on the card for direct recording of messages

Buttons on the card to start recording. Record/play selector

Amplified output for direct connection to a speaker

Output power 1W - 4 ohm.

4 N.A. inputs for playback

Total message time: 40sec

Yellow Play indicator light

Red Rec (record) indicator light




Power supply and batteries









Opera Srl - Art. 05648






05648 - Speaker


Speaker to be applied for connection to voice synthesis

Power : 20 W / 4 ohm





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