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This unit delays the openening of an escape door equipped with a magnetic lock




Electromagnetic devices operate by the interruption of electrical current to an electromagnet.

They are generally considered to be more reliable than electromechanical devices due to the absence of moving parts and their inherent 'fail-safe' operation.



Opera Srl - Art. 55001


55001 - Electronic card for escape doors



55001 - Electronic card EXIT SYSTEM

Electronic card for managing opening delay in Emergency Exits for all the safety electromagnets.

Checkable wall container complete with transformer 230 / 12 Vac

Dimensions : 320 x 22 x 13 mm.

Card operating voltage: 12 Vac/dc

Incorporated buffer battery charger

Timing adjustable for :

- Opening time delay alarm request from 5 to 60 sec.Opening alarm from outside from 10 to 120 Sec

- Manual opening management with reclosing from 0 to 8 sec. with approach of door and from 0 to 60 sec. if the door is not opened

- Door opening prolonged alarm from 10 to 120 sec.

Outputs with relay for :

- Electromagnet status (double switching)

- Alarm, Opening request time delay

- Alarm, Prolonged door opening

- Alarm, Emergency

- Alarm, Opening from outside

- Alarm, System fault

- Starting of system

- Door position contact (Open Collector)






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