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Electronic locking systems / Fire hold open magnets / Solenoid bolt



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Are the opera hold open device conform to the BS EN1155 ?


  • Yes they are. OPERA has been the first European company to get the CE marking according to the BS EN1155 on the hold-open devices. You can download the certificate from here. (Pdf 156Kb)
  • The standard provides details on product types, classification by use, test cycles, door mass, corrosion resistance, as well as definitions, product performance requirements, test apparatus, test methods and marking of products.
    Electrically powered hold open devices intended for use on fire resisting doors and smoke control doors are covered by a Construction Products Directive mandate issued by the European Commission.

    Consequently, this standard is regarded as a “harmonised” standard and compliance with it, supported by suitable evidence, allows the application of the CE mark.