Electronic timer for electric locks
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The electronic timer allows to delay the relocking time of any electric lock or electric handle


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Opera Srl - Art. 51500


Art. 51500 - Timer





Code 51500

Electronic timer for locks and electric strike with trimmer for reclosing time adjustable from 0 - 30 sec.

Dimensions: mm. 61 x 61 x 12

Power supply: 12 Vdc

The electronic timer can be housed inside the push button Art. 05115















Opera Srl - Art. 05115


Art. 05115 - Push button




Release push button

Code 05115

Plastic box in white colour
Dimensions : mm. 81 x 67 x 55
Contact type : N.A/N.C.

USE : Remote push button to release the door retainers




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