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HORIZONTAL SECURITY SOLENOID LOCKS Quadra series with key release



  • Easy to install

  • 12Vdc or 24Vdc

  • Lock & unlock sensor output

  • Door position status output

  • Long life solenoid

  • Mechanical override







Security solenoid lock with internal electronic

Opera 21816

21816 - Fail secure
  • 21816 - Fail secure
  • 21616 - Fail safe

Front plate and striking plate in stainless steel mm 80 x 25 x 4 
Striking plate with adjustable magnet for door status position
Bolt dimensions : diameter 8mm, extension 8
Operating voltage :
12Vdc – 900 mA peak, 450 mA for maintenance
24Vdc – 500 mA peak, 250 mA for maintenance
Internal microprocessor control electronic 
Rapid plug-in connector
Bolt position free voltage contact C. / N.O. / N.C.
Ready for European profile cylinder for key opening

Push buttons for monitoring and adjustment of reclosing times from 0-5 sec. to approach of door and from 0-60 sec. If the door is not opened

Microswitch output for door position status - can be connected with door status indicator lamp