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Opera - 14700td



The extra tool kit provided within the set is used to fix the blind nuts and fixing screws in order to strongly hold the whole set of Electromagnetic Locks on the door or door frame for extra safety usage



14700TD - Electromagnetic lock with re-locking time delay

The Armature Assembly and the Electromagnetic Lock can be directly
mount on the door frame and the door separately, since the Armature
Assembly and the Electromagnetic Locks are fully assembled by the
manufacturer before they out of the factory

Dimensions :

Hidden-Magnet design

High reliability - Fail- safe operation Power to Lock
Anodized aluminum housing

MOV provides spike and surge protection

Adjustable mounting plate for easy installation

Dual voltage 12 or 24 VDC (selectable)

Anti-Residual magnetism designed.










Power supply & batteries














14800TD - Electromagnetic lock with long handle

Electromagnet body and handle in aluminium

Magnet body dimensions (mm): 2484 x 48 x 29
(can be shortened up to 1750 mm.)

Dimensions of the carter handle (mm) 2503 x 124 x 62 (can be shortened up to 1760 mm.)

Armature plate with residual anti-magnetism pin inserted in the handle body

Operating voltage : 12/24 Vdc
Current : 500 mA @ 12 V / 250 mA @ 24 V x 2
Internal state sensor with C./N.O./N.C. relay output

Holding force : up to 300 Kg. x 2

Internal management electronics with trimmer for reclosing time adjustable
from 1 to 90 seconds

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