Security locks for banks


An interlocking system is an access control to restrict or control entry to and from areas that need to be secured against two or more doors being open simultaneously

Opera provides interlock kits easy to install and with high security performances

See how and interlocking system equipped by Opera solenoid bolts works ( Video Flash )





أبواب التعشيق مع تأمين الأمن الكهربائية


Opera locking system for interlock are used from many internationa banks among whom:
Unicredit in Italiy
BNP in France and Italy
LCL le Crédit Lyonnais in France
Groupe Banque Populaire - Maroc
Société Générale Algérie
Bank Zitouna de Tunis
Attijari bank en Morocco and Tunisy
















Interlocking system configuration with bolts


Complete interlock kit for 2 doors

Way in

After opening request, the guard or the employee, after security verification, will open the doors by means of the desktop console 54612A


Way out

Normally way out is not controlled by staff. However, as it is necessary to go through the double doors system, the security guard can always block the doors and prevent the way out


  1. Locking secured by PRIMA series solenoid bolts

  2. Opening request made through indicator lamps 55011 or through intercome traffic light 55012

  3. Power supply 05312 - 12V, 3A

  4. Console 54612A


What to order :

Kit for 2 doors interlocking system

2 solenoid bolt 24800 (specify backset)

1 Power supply 05312

1 Desktop console 54612A

1 Push button indicator lamp 55011

2 Lead cover 08600

1 Back up battery 00712




24800 - Solenoid bolt for interlocking system




55011 - Push button indicator lamp

55012 - Push button indicator lamp with intercome


05312 - Power supply 12Vd - 3A


54612A - two doors console