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Security mortice lock
Can be electrically controlled for the closure of cabinet doors and safety lockers




  • Stainless steel made

  • Mechanical key override

  • Narrow style

  • Fail secure




Opera 229

Ref. 22912



Security electric lock Arca Key series

Ref. 22912 - 12Vdc
Ref. 22924 - 24Vdc

Ref. 22912CS - 12Vdc - with cruciform key cylinder
Ref. 22924CS - 24Vdc - with cruciform key cylinder

Locked without power supply
Stainless steel front panel
Stainless steel counterplate, extension can be adjusted from 21 to 27 mm.
Pin diameter 9.5 mm.
Power supply: 12 or 24 V DC
Current absorbed: 1,000 mA at 12 V / 500 mA at 24 V

Opening: limited to the duration of the impulse with current limiter
C. / N.A. / N.C. microswitch of inserted pin position

Burglary resistance 800 Kg









Typical installation on safe or security locker

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