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Is the Opera 240V hold open device conform to the CE standard ?


  • From the analysis of the field application of the product and his normative position, itself can be placed in the field application of
    Construction products regulation regarding the “Construction products”. From the analysis of the standard harmonized in the paragraph 5.1.4, is
    describe that this is applicable exclusively to the products worked at 24 Volt or 48 Volt

    For which on the base of the preceding considerations and not being available other normative standard harmonized for the technical analysis that allows the issue of the Declaration of CE conformity, it has been decided to use the standard CEI EN 60950 for the execution of the analyses and technical evaluations.
  • On the item 18001VHV named electromagnet 240V are applicable the following European Directives :

    2006/95/CEE - Low-Voltage Directive - Standard applied CEI EN 60950

    2004/108/CEE - Electromagnetic compatibility Directive - Standard Applied CEI EN 61000-6-1 / CEI EN 61000-6-3

    2002/95/CEE - RoHs Directive

    2002/96/CEE - WEEE Directive
  • As a result of the test reports of verification performed, Opera has raised a Declaration of conformity based on a Technical Construction file that contains all documents of verification performed on the item.
    This file is not for pubblic use; it is at disposal of any competent authority that may demand for it at any time.


Download the declaration of conformity (Pdf 20 Kb )