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Shear Lock




Magnetic shear locks are recommended to provide superior failsafe holding force and esthetics for most types of doors, including high profile frameless glass doors






Can be used on swing doors
( Version 13900 and 13900M only )



Concealed lock mounting is an important feature , enhancing aesthetic appearance. Standard built-in field adjustable automatic relock switch with 1 to 6 second relock time delay


The shear lock can be installed on the door with optional bracket





 High security antipanic security closing system for swing doors.

For correct operation the electromagnet must be mounted horizontally on the frame header with the counterplate mounted on the frame of the door

Shear Locks work by anchoring the lock bolt to the keep hole on the Armature Plate. Once the power is on, the electric current magnetizes the lock bolt which attracts the keep hole and thus locks the door

Invisible when door closed


The lock bolt remains unlocked (fail-safe version), permitting free access and entry, in the event of power or system failure. In addition the series allow adjustable relock time from 1 to 6 seconds.

Door Static Sensor ensures positive locking by verifying that the door is at rest and aligned before relocking.


Shear lock

To install the shear lock properly, it is important that the gap between the magnet and the striking plate is not bigger than 2-3 mm.