Motorised Cabinet lock
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Fail secure lock for lockers and drawers


The motor operated cabinet lock provides full voltage application in 12~28 VAC/VDC and it consumes little power without causing any power burden, it is most suitable for places with a large number of lockers and drawers such as gyms or offices








Opera 22800M

22800M - fail secure only


22800M - Motor operated cabinet lock

Operating Voltage: 12~28VAC/DC


Current Draw: (at temperature 20°C) Holding: 69mA/12VDC,69mA/24VDC
Pull in: 165mA/12VDC,165mA/24VDC

Operating Temperature Range: -10~45°
Humidity : 0~95% non-condensing

Material: Black Abs

Bond Sensor Output: 1A/125VAC (N.C.- COM)

Door Status Output: 1A/125VAC (N.O - COM)

Blocking pin in nickel plated steel with mounting base